Nebula Dance Lab's New Show, Three Reasons to See Re:Vision

by Elizabeth Schwyzer

  • It's homegrown and growing...
  • It's life affirming
  • It's selling fast

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Nebula Dance Lab's Presents 'Clair-Obscur' in Light and Dark Performance

by Justine Sutton

"Nebula, in its first time out, demonstrates the ability to embrace both the luminous and the obscure, and to present both beautifully. 

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 A Review of Nebula Dance Lab's Premiere, Clair-Obscur at Center Stage Theater January 27

by Elizabeth Schwyzer

"With it's company premiere Nebula Dance Lab has made a distinct impression" 

Last weekend at Center Stage Theater, Clair-Obscur paired two new works. Erin Martinez's "The Singing Bones" used a variety of media to tell a deliciously spooky story; Emily Wheeler's "Take the Bull by the Horns" took a more abstract approach to the theme of self-acceptance. Artistic Director Devyn Duex founded the group to give emerging choreographers a platform for expression. Already, it's clear she's meeting her objective. 

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Nebula Dance Lab Launches

SB's newest modern dance company presents 'Clair-Obscur' 

Duex explained the company’s name. “The concept of a nebula is energy coming together to create more energy,” she said. “That’s really how this happened. It’s taken on a life of its own.”

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Nebula Dance Lab's Clair-Obscur at Center Stage Theater

Santa Barbara's newest professional modern dance collaborative premieres this winter with Clair-Obscur, an evening length program of works by emerging choreographers. Under the direction of Devyn Duex, a cast of seven dancers will present Emily Wheeler's movement-driven contemporary work "Take the Bull by the Horns" and Erin Martinez's "The Singing Bones," a dark adaptation of the 16th-century murder ballad. Audiences can look forward to original video work, innovative lighting design, and some top-notch dancing from area talent. It's not every day a pro-level modern dance company sprouts up in S.B.- Nebula is one to keep an eye on. Friday-Sunday, January 27-29, at various times. Call 963-8198 or visit

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Nebula Dance Lab Presents ‘Clair-Obscur,’ an Exploration of Shadow and Light

Center Stage Theater to host three performances Jan. 27-29

Nebula exudes passionate vibrant performances that transcend the physical movement to evoke emotional response, and its upcoming show Clair-Obscur at Center Stage Theater is a must-see! The company will be showcasing the world premiere of new works by resident choreographers Emily Wheeler and Erin Martinez Jan. 27-29. Featured news works include “Take the Bull by the Horns” by Wheeler and “The Singing Bones” by Martinez.

Clair-Obscur by Nebula Dance Lab incorporates the talents of Nebula Dance Lab’s professional choreographers and dancers, exhilarating costumes and multimedia elements. It is sure to be a captivating and compelling show!

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