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This project is funded in part by the COMMUNITY ARTS GRANT PROGRAM using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

This project is funded in part by the Center Stage Theater Rental Subsidy Fund. 


IM=X Pilates Santa Barbara



The Duex Family

Darriel Witthuhn


Santa Barbara Dance Arts (Arts Mentorship Program)

Daughter of Zion Dance Company

Fusion Dance Company

Maureen Amato-Mayes

Strategic Incentives, Inc.

Hermann Family

Harold and Carol Wheeler


Barker Family

Tim Mikel

Holly Tatomer

Kate & Roger Rolf

The Sage Family

Sue Witthuhn 

Joseph & Jennifer Morelli

The Yuscavage Family

Susan Cappiello

Zoe Landers

Nancy Gifford

Bill and Lydia Mawhorter

Sue Lepore

Connie Ratliff

Sharon Wong & Craig Mitchell

Terry Ching

David and Patricia Mrazek

Lalo Barajas

Cherie Kollmann

Victoria & William Hite

Carolyn and Jack Shouse

Janet and Matt Seidel

Derek & Becky McKnight

The Hammond Family

Katherin Butala

Lorna Westrick


Christopher Pilafian

Jennifer Tanck

Karmen Aurell

Michelle Lynch

Elizabeth Schwyzer

Juliann Lynch

Santa Barbara Dance Institute

Rosalina Macisco

Mike Woods

Jamie Birkett

Jennifer Madsen

Shoshana Garisek-Schroeder

Mike Mrazek

Dan & Ally Idell

Karen Chin

David W; SB School of Squash

Joy Dumay

Rob Meyerson and Ashley Mawhorter

Cheryl Little

Bree Mawhorter and Kelemen Papp


Chris and Kristen Milliken

Bob and Jean Dimmitt

Cynthia Ching


Susan Neufelt

Keaton, Oliver, and Finn Koechli

Rhonda Douglass

Liz Saghi

Dana White


Gloria Kay

Mr. Fay

The Lundbom Family

Jamie & Dave Van Zanen

Marco Pinter

Teal and Jamie Haggar

The Stewart Family

Lizanne Browning

Roberta Peterson

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