KAIROS "Celebrating a Decade of Dance Lab" - November 7th 2019

NDL 10 Year Anniversary - Images

KAIROS, Novembe 7th Lobero Theatre, LIMITED TIME - Videos

HELIX November 2019@ The Lobero Theater SB


Individuation Choreography Shelby Caputo

Gravity [Is A Social Construct] Choreography Meredith Cabaniss

Choreography: Shelby Lynn Joyce Dancers: Lauren Serrano, Alannah Hambley, Juli Farley, Daisy Mohrman, Rachyl Pines, Marissa Marsh, Gianna Burright, and Ashley Kohler-Reynolds Music: Philip Glass performed by Bruce Brubaker, Michael Wall Costumes: Devyn Duex and Shelby Lynn Joyce |Lighting Design: Meredith Cabaniss

Dancers: Juli Farley, Ashley Kohler Reynolds, Marissa Marsh Rachyl Pines, Bianca Salazar, Amanda Wilcox | Music: “Talk to me” by Autumn Keys & “Bakers” by Jerry Folk | Costumes + Choreography: Meredith Cabaniss |Program note: Inspired by Alan Sokal’s article published in 1994, Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity, this work is inspired by the fashionable nonsense we speak every day. GRAVITY takes the pseudo-intellectualism that creeps into the way that we perceive ourselves and others around us, the cleverness that our society values, and turns it upside-down.

Through the Looking Glass, premiered November 2017 @ The Lobero Theater SB

KEYT- Through the Looking Glass & Holocene

A compelling new work by Nebula Dance Lab, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice’s imaginative and curious world comes to life through intricately woven choreography by Meredith Cabaniss, with Devyn Duex, and Karyn Laver, featuring collaborations with The Dance Network and SELAH dance collective. To breath depth and color into the world of Alice, Nebula once again collaborated with composer Adam Phillips to create an original score, which was played live by a small ensemble, and compelling and unique visual artistry by Meredith Cabaniss.

"With Through the Looking Glass, the company has more than hit its stride, pulling together distinctive facets of live music, visual art, and varying genres of dance for an unforgettable evening down the rabbit hole of curiosity." Ninette Paloma, The Independent  

“When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”
-Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll (1871)

Holocene by Edgar Zendejas

Over the summer a small cast of company dancers had the honor to work with internationally renowned choreographer Edgar
Zendejas. The rehearsal process was intensive, 24 hours over a six day period and the results were magical.

Holocene is my fascination of an epoch that carries from past to present. The fact we are experiencing obvious changes now, brings a question about if changes are a natural source to preservation, even by destruction, or they are a consequence of our own behavior in humanity; or both. Holocene explores our inner changes as individuals and how they have a repercussion in others. An epoch from the moment of conception to the moment the body dies.  - Edgar Zendejas

“Holocene” provided a wistful layer of moody undertones, with five dancers journeying through the stages of life in reactionary cadence." Ninette Paloma, The Independent.

Rogue Planets

A rogue planet, also known as an interstellar planet, nomad planet, free-floating planet, wandering planet or starless planet, is a planetary-mass object that orbits the galaxy directly with no gravitational relationship to a star. Exploring, through movement, the essence of human relationship to each other in and outside of individual identity.

Choreography: Meredith Cabaniss 
Premiered November 2nd, 2016 at The Lobero Theatre; original cast members Colin Sneddon, Megan Ciarlo, Ashley Kohler-Reynolds, and Briana Markovich

Music: Bach: Partita No. 2 in D Minor |Costumes: Meredith Cabaniss

Matter Out of Place Spitting Dirt

This re-work of a 2002 piece by choreographer Emily Tatomer,
is an exploration of the dichotomy between the purity or
spirituality of art and the profane dirty necessity of money to
allow that art to be created and experienced. How do we
reconcile the taint of this very base requirement with high
aspirations of creativity?

Choreography: Emily Tatomer
Dancers: Lauren Serrano, Meredith Cabaniss,
Megan Ciarlo, Sarah Shouse, and
featuring Sarah Pon
Music: Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich
By arrangement with Hendon Music, Inc.,
a Boosey & Hawkes company, publisher
and copyright owner.
Costumes: Emily Tatomer & Meghan Morelli

The Inquisitor

" The Inquisitor" Nebula's eighth original work, inspired by The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy, utilized unique storytelling to create an original modern dance adaptation. Centered around the journey of a young girl, The Inquisitor seeks answers to the questions of life, a universal message around thepower of being present and valuing thehere and now.

Created collaboratively, Nebula pushed the choreography to new places resulting in a cohesive blend of ambitious technical dance and intricate signature partnering. Danced to a new original score by Adam Phillips and played live by Adam's Mission Creek Trio, The Inquisitor included scenery of original artwork by Shelby Lynn Joyce, which was projected as a backdrop throughout the show.

Push & Pull 

"Push & Pull" Nebula's new work choreographed by Shelby Lynn Joyce and Devyn Duex, brings to light the serious yet commonplace stages of grieving. Through intricately woven partnering, fast technical footwork, and emotional context this work hopes to illuminate the importance this process plays in our every day lives. Premiered in its entirety at Center Stage Theater October 11th-13th 2015.

Push & Pull (excerpt, 2015)

"Push & Pull" Nebula's new work choreographed by Shelby Lynn Joyce and Devyn Duex, brings to light the serious yet commonplace stages of grieving. Through intricately woven partnering, fast technical footwork, and emotional context this work hopes to illuminate the importance this process plays in our every day lives. Partial debut at San Pedro Dance Festival (LA), produced by Louise Reichlin & Dancers | LA Choreographers & Dancers.This piece is currently in development and will be premiered at Center Stage Theater October 9th-11th- Stay tuned! 

Dreamscape (2014)

"Dreamscape", choreographed collaborative by Nebula Dance Lab company members Devyn Duex, Meghan Morelli, Megan Butala, Megan Ragland, and Shelby Joyce with guest choreographers Emily Tatomer and Meredith Cabaniss, explores the various forms and concepts of dreaming, both literally and figuratively, taking the audience on a journey oddly familiar, transitory, whimsical, and humorous.

Video by Riviera Productions. Photos by Kathee Miller.

Floodlit & Fallen (2013)

"Floodlit & Fallen", choreographed by Brooklyn Hughes, explores historical and current struggles of humanity through the eyes of trees; inspired by the history and mythology surrounding trees. 

Video footage also features a reprise of 'Sand Into Glass' originally premiered in 2012 by Nebula Dance Lab as an extension of a previous work by Devyn Duex. This reworked version features intense physical partnering and complex technical vocabulary woven together by seamless transitions and emotional subtext illuminating the storyline of a journey through the complex dynamic of personal challenges, breaking cycles of negative behavior, and rebuilding oneself anew. 

Video by Riviera Productions. Photos by Kathee Miller.

Sand Into Glass (2012)

"Sand Into Glass", choreographed by Devyn Duex and accompanied by video art by Erin Martinez, explores the emotional and physical landscape of a journey from self-destructive behavior to healing then to moving forward. 

Video by Riviera Productions. Photos by Kathee Miller.

Snapshots (2012)

"Snapshots", choreographed by Emily Tatomer, is a meditation on sense-memories, some somber and some light-heated.

Video by Riviera Productions. Photos by Kathee Miller.

Take The Bull By The Horns (2012)

"Take the Bull by the Horns", choreographed by Emily Tatomer, is an exploration of the psychological journey towards personal acceptance.

Video by Riviera Productions. Photos by Arna Bee.

The Singing Bones (2012)

The Singing Bones, choreographed by Erin Martinez, is a new adaptation of "The Twa Sisters", a traditional murder ballad that recounts the tale of a girl drowned by her sister. 

Video by Riviera Productions. Photos by Arna Bee.
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